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ClearDrain Benefits:

Significantly Lower Operating Costs:  Desiccant filter and “prefilter” replacement costs are eliminated.  Air valves, diaphrams and other air system components no longer need replacement due to contamination – ClearDrain extends useful function to all air valves.

Replaces Dual Air Dryers:
  ClearDrain eliminates the need for all dual air dryers and prefilters associated with the new engine emission standard adopted in 2007.
NOTE: Dual dryers double the amount of back pressure required for their operation.

Reduced Compressor Wear:
  Since ClearDrain eliminates the back pressure required for air dryer operation the compressor will not suffer with carbon build-up thereby affecting efficiency.  The superheating of the oil and water molecules due to back pressure creates the formation of carbon.  (Clients report that ClearDrain has prolonged the life of compressors and eliminated compressor repair after as much as 6, 8 or 12 years of heavy operation and no carbon buildup on the Reed valve is noticed that previously had clogged its operation.)

Brake Maintenance:  Periods between air brake maintenance are increased substantially due to longer component life.  Even wear on brake shoes is observed on both sides of the axle (quick release & relay valves were not sticking or causing uneven air pressure) and brake drag is curtailed or eliminated. (Clients report reduction in drum scoring and flat spotting of tires on vehicles equipped with ClearDrain.  Pneumatic and torque balance are also greatly improved.)

No More Freeze-Ups:  The temperature range of ClearDrain keeps it operating and the elimination of moisture by ClearDrain eliminates problems associated with vehicle and equipment in cold weather operation. (And no alcohol injectors are needed.)

Air Operated Systems:  ClearDrain protects air ride suspensions, air assisted transmissions, CTIS and all ancillary products supplied by the air compressor.

Safety:  ClearDrain enhances ABS and brake performance as reported by the USAF (MEEP) Evaluation and as published in its journal Transformer.

Reduced Vehicle/Equipment Downtime:
  Air system downtime is dramatically reduced when utilizing ClearDrain.   ROI (Return on Investment) is usually within seven months of implementation (see Recovery Schedule).  The US Air Force reported the savings derived at all 3 test sites for three ClearDrain equipped vehicles in Texas and Florida over a 6 month period to be more than $11,700 for just 3 vehicles.

Performance:  ClearDrain features an unmatched full five (5) year unlimited hour/mileage product warranty.  Components are brass and stainless steel – the entire system is housed in a marine grade ‘300’ series stainless steel protective metal box.  System weighs just 7.2 lbs and installs in about 90 minutes with only three major connections!   Primary wire, air line tubing, hardware and tools for installation are contained with each system.

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