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ClearDrain Troubleshooting Guide


Loss of air in primary air tank

Check for:

  • Bad ground connection
  • Bad hot wire connection (must be on 1st pole position of ignition)
  • Cut or worn "O" rings on valve body
  • Disconnected timer terminal posts
  • Cracks or stripped threads on valve body end cap
  • Leaks in line from compressor to wet tank
Loss of air in secondary air tank

Check for:

  • Bad one-way check valve between 1st and 2nd air tanks
  • Loose air line fittings to air supply line
  • Air leak unrelated to ClearDrain
Retention of moisture in air tanks

Check for:

  • Clamped discharge line
  • Jammed "O" ring on piston in valve body
  • Waterlogged solenoid (due to being plumbed from the bottom instead of the top of the secondary air tank)
  • Debris in outlet from wet tank or in discharge line
  • Worn solenoid bearing
System purges air at 85-90 PSI
  • Check ground connection, which should not be grounded with any other wire
  • Use a star or clip washer to assure a good ground connection
  • Spray over connection with silicone
System constantly purging


System starts to purge after transmission is shifted into neutral or park position

  • Check for damaged "O" rings - examine bore for metal chips or shavings
  • Check that the primary (hot) wire is connected to the first pole position of ignition circuit.  Do not connect to battery!

Water in solenoid


Piston will not extend 1" length

  • Check that the air line to solenoid is plumbed from the top of the secondary air tank
  • Re-plumb using a “T” fitting if necessary and connect to Solenoid & allow drying which will occur during the quarter hour purging of ClearDrain System.
  • NEVER disassemble solenoid (doing so will void warranty)
Solenoid very hot (burns to touch)
  • Check for burnt bearing in solenoid
Wet tank doesn't drain to 0 PSI at shutdown
  • Check for water in solenoid, ascertain that the solenoid is plumbed from the top of the secondary air tank
  • Check that the "O" ring is not defective on piston
System does not pressurize to drive-off capability in 30-40 seconds after starting vehicle
  • An "O" ring may be cut causing air discharge
Air drains from tanks other than the wet tank at ignition shut off
  • Check for defective one-way check valves between the 2nd and 3rd air tanks
System purges intermittently in 10 to 15 second increments instead of a single continuous discharge at ignition shutdown
  • Check for water in the solenoid (due to improper plumbing of the signal line to the solenoid).  This component must be replaced.
Solenoid leaks air from weep hole and back of valve body assembly
  • Add 2-3 drops of type F automatic transmission fluid to solenoid


  • The ClearDrain system includes an unlimited five year product warranty.
  • The entire ClearDrain unit (or a component of the unit) can be shipped to the factory and evaluated.  It will be repaired or replaced as necessary and shipped back to user via FedEx Ground.
  • Before shipping, please call 800.990.6163
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